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Merry Christmas Eve Y’all!!

1. I know Christmas has been over for about a week, but I’m late with this. Plus, I’m still in the spirit.

2. Being a Texan I think it’s both extremely cliché yet extremely cute when people say “y’all” (guilty as charge)

(Ok Loryn, segue into the actual post some how….dammit, I don’t know how!!) Things in parentheses are my inner thoughts that I can’t help by share with you all.

My Christmas Eve consisted of me waking up to head into the madness with the other last minute shoppers. We need to return some gifts and buy other gifts, as well as we need some more ingredients for the Mexican themed dinner we were hosting for our family that night. I got home and for some reason I went into a X-mas funk. Bleeeeh… I decided to bake some cookies for one of my gift baskets (mentioned in previous post) and some for the dinner.

Anyway 🙂 Of course I had to get in the kitchen and whip up a couple things. So, Chef Loryn made

(I had plenty of those Margz and the following post will let you know how that turned out)

Chef Momma Brown made her signature (at least they’re signature to me) Margaritas. I don’t have the recipe for that (ugggggh, fail girl) But, instead of using margarita salt or sugar on the rim I lined it with some Tajin Chile Powder. Wow oh wow, it was gooooood!

food recipes

Ooooo, my taste buds!

Captions are really hard to think of!


Any who, I have had about 8 different post to put up on here over the past two weeks. But, honestly I’ve been enjoying doing nothing & that includes not getting on the computer. If I can’t do it from my cell, it won’t get down for a while when I’m on vacation. Ha.

This particular night was a few days before Christmas and my momma and I were swamped with wrapping gifts and making gift baskets. (FUN…no really, I love doing stuff like that) So, a meal that should have taken me maybe 20 minutes to prep took me about an hour. “Hello, lady! I’m trying to make you dinner here!”

Ok, so of course I found this recipe on Pinterest. I followed the original recipe, tasted it and it just tasted like Shrimp Scampi with a teeny tiny sprinkling of seasoning on it. YAWN! So, I took it upon myself to jazz it up.

Here are the spices I ended up using…Oh baby. they added just the punch I was looking for too! But, be careful because I got a bit heavy-handed (actually, crazy heavy-handed) with the Creole Seasoning and those little shrimpies set my mouth on fi-yah!! I just threw them on top of some noodles, letting the butter sauce ooze over it (Is ooze a nasty word? Actually, yes it is. Disgusting, but my mind can’t think of another one so OOOOOOOZE it is. Kay!?)

Here’s the recipe ITALIAN SHRIMP BAKE, ENJOY!!



My girl

“Ebony is tha baby!” That’s what I say to her almost 15 times a day. Because she is! She’s a spoiled-brat-evil-yet so cute you want to squish her little doggy face-baby! She’s a ball of energy and your best friend one minute, then your least favorite thing the next…I told you this blog would include her, so here she is

Monkey got her Sunday bath (which she hates and you are her greatest enemy as soon as she gets out), a new collar (which she also gets switched after every bath, because she’s a diva) and mommy wanted to take pictures of her by the Christmas tree.

Ebony is more than just a family pet, she’s like a little baby running around here with tons of love to give (hence Ebony the baby)

Oh and here’s a blooper. 10 treats a frustrated Mommy and Ebony later I finally got those two pictures above

(I still can’t flip my images, I even googled it. Frustrating as hell. But, enjoy Ebz)




Yeah, I said it-weenies.

So, if you don’t already know me or you just don’t know this about me-I LOVE TO COOK. Within the last year or so I have found that being surrounded by food at the grocery store, in the kitchen, at the table, in bed, wherever makes me so happy and calm. When I’m cooking in the kitchen (preferably alone, for a couple of friends and with a glass of wine by my side) I feel so at peace and like a damn good woman. So (I say that a lot), that’s what I’ve been doing. When I’m not in class, at work, or actually out being social you can probably find me in the kitchen…or in bed watching Netflix by my lonesome.

This new-found passion for cooking was inspired by two, well, three things: 1. My mom, the beautiful superwoman Lori Brown (hi again) constantly making me either starve or get my ass in the kitchen and cook something, 2. My love to EAT. I’m not big, at all, about 5’7″ 112lbs. But, food is my liiiiiife! I eat all day errr day, nahhh mean. And 3. CHRISSY TEIGEN!

That girl is amaaazing! If you don’t know who she is you need to check yourself. She’s a gorgeous, food lovin’, outspoken model who happens to also be married to John Legend.

Anyhow, enough about Chrissy and more about weenies!!

I found this recipe, along with about 80% of all of the recipes I’ll post on here, from Pinterest.

These are BACON-WRAPPED LIL SMOKIES (the pic is crocked, I know. I said bare with me). And holy cow were they delicious!! We had a little Christmas Party at the daycare that I work at and we all brought in something. The fat girl who loves to be in the kitchen inside of me got super-duper excited a bout this. So, I went to my Pinterest page and found these beauties!

They were really inexpensive and easy to make and not to honk my own horn, but HONK HONK they were all gone before the day was over (*pats myself on the back, but keeps a humble smile on my face*)

Here is the link to the recipe: (I’m not sure if this will turn into a hyper link, if not sorry. Just copy and paste)

I needed more bacon than his recipe called for. I also made more glaze after they were done cooking and drizzled it on top of the finished weenies for even more deliciousness.

Bon appetite

xx Loryn


Okay, in all honesty I started this post about two weeks. But, I let the computer get the best of me when I couldn’t figure out how to upload pictures. I gave up….But, now I’m baaaaack!! Okkkkaaay, continue reading the real stuff below:

About a year or two ago one of my Radio and Television courses required us to pick a theme and create a blog for a couple of weeks. I ACE’D that project! And it was actually fun. Of course I picked a food blog. I was “The Skinny Eater”, and I blogged about the different meals I ate out at restaurant, as well as little meals I was able to make in my tiny dorm room (I’ll never go back to the life, neva eva)

Anyyyy waaay, fast forward to 2014 I found myself cooking a ton and really enjoying life. I was posting all of this on the instagram and the tweeter. But, I started feeling like one of those annoying posters that your really don’t give a shit about. Sooooo, I decided why not start a fun little blog that’s all about me!

I am a huge talker, most of the time. And I constantly have 8,000 different thoughts running through my mind. I need a place to dump all of that madness. So here I am!!

I really really hope you enjoy browsing through my blog, which will be all about my food, my pup Ebony and just my daily adventures. I’m really random, kind of shall I say-raunchy (I’ll try to tame my inner bad girl, who knows what family members will be reading this. Hi mommy!!), my jokes are corny and my sense of humor is kind of dry, very sarcastic and not everyone gets it. Sooo, know that you know that enjoy my blog as I continue to tinker with all of the details and jibber jabber that this website has to offer (bare with me).




food recipes