My girl

“Ebony is tha baby!” That’s what I say to her almost 15 times a day. Because she is! She’s a spoiled-brat-evil-yet so cute you want to squish her little doggy face-baby! She’s a ball of energy and your best friend one minute, then your least favorite thing the next…I told you this blog would include her, so here she is

Monkey got her Sunday bath (which she hates and you are her greatest enemy as soon as she gets out), a new collar (which she also gets switched after every bath, because she’s a diva) and mommy wanted to take pictures of her by the Christmas tree.

Ebony is more than just a family pet, she’s like a little baby running around here with tons of love to give (hence Ebony the baby)

Oh and here’s a blooper. 10 treats a frustrated Mommy and Ebony later I finally got those two pictures above

(I still can’t flip my images, I even googled it. Frustrating as hell. But, enjoy Ebz)



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