food recipes

Ooooo, my taste buds!

Captions are really hard to think of!


Any who, I have had about 8 different post to put up on here over the past two weeks. But, honestly I’ve been enjoying doing nothing & that includes not getting on the computer. If I can’t do it from my cell, it won’t get down for a while when I’m on vacation. Ha.

This particular night was a few days before Christmas and my momma and I were swamped with wrapping gifts and making gift baskets. (FUN…no really, I love doing stuff like that) So, a meal that should have taken me maybe 20 minutes to prep took me about an hour. “Hello, lady! I’m trying to make you dinner here!”

Ok, so of course I found this recipe on Pinterest. I followed the original recipe, tasted it and it just tasted like Shrimp Scampi with a teeny tiny sprinkling of seasoning on it. YAWN! So, I took it upon myself to jazz it up.

Here are the spices I ended up using…Oh baby. they added just the punch I was looking for too! But, be careful because I got a bit heavy-handed (actually, crazy heavy-handed) with the Creole Seasoning and those little shrimpies set my mouth on fi-yah!! I just threw them on top of some noodles, letting the butter sauce ooze over it (Is ooze a nasty word? Actually, yes it is. Disgusting, but my mind can’t think of another one so OOOOOOOZE it is. Kay!?)

Here’s the recipe ITALIAN SHRIMP BAKE, ENJOY!!



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