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The lonesome eater…

I try to cook about 2 or 3 times a week, just so I don’t die from starvation and to relieve some stress (I stress out pretty easily, being in the kitchen makes a lot of that diminish *poof be gone*) So, tonight I decided to make Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella and Basil Stuffed Chicken (yeah, that’s the name that was on Pinterest. So fancy) along with cheesy rice and roasted asparagus. I’m a messy chef and I’m all over the kitchen when I cook, I’m hoping one day I’ll be smooth and graceful with it all. But, I say that to say that I forgot to take a picture of the rice I used, so I’ll steal one from Google 😉

On to the cooking!!

I was really excited to get this meal all together. I roasted my own peppers since I couldn’t find them jarred in the store (I like to cook with as much fresh stuff as possible any way, I was just being lazy)

I was pretty damn proud of my peppers. Don't they look AAAMAZING?!

I was pretty damn proud of my peppers. Don’t like look AAAMAZING?!

After the peppers were all nice and wrinkly and charred, I prepped the chicken. I don’t really care for (at all) chicken breast, which is what the recipe called for, so I just laid my thighs (chicken thighs, not mine silly haha I’m a goof) out in my pan and stacked the basil, mozzarella and peppers on one side and folded that over.

Just a tip* if you’re going to use thighs as I did it will help to keep them folded over if you insert a tooth pick into them. I don’t have any and one of my pieces fell open *waah waaah*

The rice and asparagus are easy peasy! Throw the rice in a pan with some butter. Sautee it. Throw in some water. Boil it. Simmer for about 12 minuets Add cheese. Be merry and fall in love with cheesy rice as much as I have.

I do have to admit that once everything was done and plated I got kind of sad knowing that I was eating it alone in my room watching Parks and Rec on Netflix… Tonight was just one of those nights where I needed some company and someone to enjoy the meal with. BUT, that’s neither here nor there and I’ll be ok. I’m going to end my night letting John Mayer play through my speaker to soothe me 🙂

I hope you like it as much as I did and if you ever actually try out any of the recipes that I post I’d love to hear (read) what you thought about them or if you tweaked it in any way!

Peace out doggies!!!!

xox Loryn Ashley

PS- here’s a pic of me from earlier today at

work not working (I was taking a break from

all of the craziness of the kiddos)



Talk About Delicious!!

Holy cow! When I say this meal was so yummy, I mean this meal was SO YUMMY!!! As I normally do a few days a week I started thinking about what I wanted for dinner while at work (I’m a student worker/teacher in the Pre School department of a daycare, I love it <3) 9 times out of 10 my recipes come from Pinterest. So, I went to the store, gathered the ingredients, went home pooped open a bottle of Moscato and got to work.

My yummy in your tummy meal consisted of


I wish the photo came out prettier, but oh well. You get the jist!

I wish the photo came out prettier, but oh well. You get the jist!

I enjoyed cooking, eating, drinking with and wowing a friends of mine and that’s really how I love to spend most of my evenings. This combination of food was SO good I made it again the next day.

It was all pretty simple to make.

I forgot to add what I used to season my chicken with in this pic: Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, Onion Powder and pepper.

I love using fresh herbs almost more than anything

I love using fresh herbs almost more than anything

Even though the wine caused me to mix up some steps with the chicken it was damn good! The sauce turned out to be more like a gravy because I added a bit of flour to help thicken it up a bit, which was a pretty good idea if I do say so myself 🙂

Snapping the ends off of the asparagus was actually way more fun than it should’ve been ha But, this was my first time ever trying asparagus and I have a new found love for it! I mean what doesn’t taste good drenched in garlic and parmesan cheese though?!

Ugly picture, great meal!

Ugly picture, great meal!

I bake these sweet potatoes with every meal that I can, because they are delicious and I lub dem, ok!

Any who, I always tweak pretty much every recipe that I try to adjust it to my taste. Like, I am a heavy handed seasoner, so just seasoning my chicken with salt and pepper is an ultimate no no. (I’ll always include pictures of  every ingredients-herbs, oils, seasonings for you to see exactly what I used) . If your watching your weight or trying to eat clean do that by adjusting the portion sizes and the oils/butters you use to cook. If you don’t car about that stuff load on the butter and cheese. It’s your kitchen and your meal! Just have fun and make a dish that will make you smile as much as I was while chowing down on this.

Peace out!!!!

xo Loryn Ashley



Toooodaaaay, I Loryn Ashley Hogan, would like to present you the best damn ombre lip you’ve ever seen!! Oh boy am I one for being dramatic haha But, no really I did an Ombre lippie on my sister a few weeks ago and I was pretty proud of it.

I promise this picture doesn’t do justice to how pretty it came out!

I used Revlon Black Cherry 477 as the outline, because I didn’t have a dark lip liner on had. With this color I lined her lips as you would with any liner. Next, I filled in the corners of her lips in a little further with the same color. Then comes the red color to make it all pop! I used Revlon Matte Really Red 006 to fill in the inner portion of her lip. After perfecting the dark to red ratio I went over the outer dark line with the Black Cherry once more.

Ordered from Amazon (I love that place so so much)

Ordered from Amazon (I love that place so so much)

Then, I used my Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette Concealer set in the color closes to her skin tone to clean up any of the color I may have gotten on the skin around her lips. And TAA DAA! The pic above is what we were left with 🙂 I really wish I had a better camera (other than my shitty Android camera) to take my pictures, just so you could see the true beauty of the final product…

Any how! I hope this helps any of you ladies looking to add some pizzazz to your red lips.

xo Loryn Ashley


Switchy Switch

…on the blogy blog (that’s fun).   So, I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t had the motivation to. Being home for Winter break I instantly went into “do nothing ,but watch Netflix and play with my Ebony girl” mood. I probably cooked about 5 times the whole month I was home. I was FOR REAL lazy! But, I have decided to add more than just cooking to the blog! I honestly just have other interest that I want to share along with my love for cooking. I hope to add more about fashion, makeup, fitness, health. I am not here to announce to the world (or the 3 people that probably glance over my post-lez be real-that I know exactly what I’m talking about in any topic. I’m just a girl that has been interested in these everyday things for a greater part of my life. I hope to learn more about the things that I love and I shall share that knowledge here as I do 🙂 Let’s jump to the topic of MAKEUP I have always loved makeup! I’m not one to always wear a full face of it everyday, but I love experimenting with new products on myself or whoever else will let me (usually my mom or sister). Here I am one day this break. I was simply going to lunch with a family friend, so I did my pretty much everyday face: light foundation-FitMe stick, concealer Rimmel Match Perfection, filled in my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade, minimal eye liner, two coats of mascara-Tarte Lights Camera Flash, and I added a reddish brown lip that I achieved by coloring in these lips with a Rimmel ultimate lip liner. I love lip liner, but sometimes I’ll just wear a tinted lip balm. That’s me and my face! Some days I’ll throw on some bronzer or blush, maybe a nice brown shadow to add some intensity to my eyes. Other days I’ll wear even less that I described above, it really just depends on my mood and where I’m going of course.   xox