Switchy Switch

…on the blogy blog (that’s fun).   So, I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t had the motivation to. Being home for Winter break I instantly went into “do nothing ,but watch Netflix and play with my Ebony girl” mood. I probably cooked about 5 times the whole month I was home. I was FOR REAL lazy! But, I have decided to add more than just cooking to the blog! I honestly just have other interest that I want to share along with my love for cooking. I hope to add more about fashion, makeup, fitness, health. I am not here to announce to the world (or the 3 people that probably glance over my post-lez be real-that I know exactly what I’m talking about in any topic. I’m just a girl that has been interested in these everyday things for a greater part of my life. I hope to learn more about the things that I love and I shall share that knowledge here as I do 🙂 Let’s jump to the topic of MAKEUP I have always loved makeup! I’m not one to always wear a full face of it everyday, but I love experimenting with new products on myself or whoever else will let me (usually my mom or sister). Here I am one day this break. I was simply going to lunch with a family friend, so I did my pretty much everyday face: light foundation-FitMe stick, concealer Rimmel Match Perfection, filled in my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade, minimal eye liner, two coats of mascara-Tarte Lights Camera Flash, and I added a reddish brown lip that I achieved by coloring in these lips with a Rimmel ultimate lip liner. I love lip liner, but sometimes I’ll just wear a tinted lip balm. That’s me and my face! Some days I’ll throw on some bronzer or blush, maybe a nice brown shadow to add some intensity to my eyes. Other days I’ll wear even less that I described above, it really just depends on my mood and where I’m going of course.   xox


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