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The lonesome eater…

I try to cook about 2 or 3 times a week, just so I don’t die from starvation and to relieve some stress (I stress out pretty easily, being in the kitchen makes a lot of that diminish *poof be gone*) So, tonight I decided to make Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella and Basil Stuffed Chicken (yeah, that’s the name that was on Pinterest. So fancy) along with cheesy rice and roasted asparagus. I’m a messy chef and I’m all over the kitchen when I cook, I’m hoping one day I’ll be smooth and graceful with it all. But, I say that to say that I forgot to take a picture of the rice I used, so I’ll steal one from Google 😉

On to the cooking!!

I was really excited to get this meal all together. I roasted my own peppers since I couldn’t find them jarred in the store (I like to cook with as much fresh stuff as possible any way, I was just being lazy)

I was pretty damn proud of my peppers. Don't they look AAAMAZING?!

I was pretty damn proud of my peppers. Don’t like look AAAMAZING?!

After the peppers were all nice and wrinkly and charred, I prepped the chicken. I don’t really care for (at all) chicken breast, which is what the recipe called for, so I just laid my thighs (chicken thighs, not mine silly haha I’m a goof) out in my pan and stacked the basil, mozzarella and peppers on one side and folded that over.

Just a tip* if you’re going to use thighs as I did it will help to keep them folded over if you insert a tooth pick into them. I don’t have any and one of my pieces fell open *waah waaah*

The rice and asparagus are easy peasy! Throw the rice in a pan with some butter. Sautee it. Throw in some water. Boil it. Simmer for about 12 minuets Add cheese. Be merry and fall in love with cheesy rice as much as I have.

I do have to admit that once everything was done and plated I got kind of sad knowing that I was eating it alone in my room watching Parks and Rec on Netflix… Tonight was just one of those nights where I needed some company and someone to enjoy the meal with. BUT, that’s neither here nor there and I’ll be ok. I’m going to end my night letting John Mayer play through my speaker to soothe me 🙂

I hope you like it as much as I did and if you ever actually try out any of the recipes that I post I’d love to hear (read) what you thought about them or if you tweaked it in any way!

Peace out doggies!!!!

xox Loryn Ashley

PS- here’s a pic of me from earlier today at

work not working (I was taking a break from

all of the craziness of the kiddos)



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