Ever since my Christmas break (about three weeks ago) my friend Kira (HI KIRA!! if you’re reading this) has been telling me all about her journey to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve been going back and forth on cleaner eating, working out and being more positive in general. Well, it hurts to say that chick is beating me by a looooong shot! I’ve never been one to workout and I always say you have one life to live. So if being strict with yourself and eating clean is for you then do that. That’s not for everybody though, so if you don’t give a shit and you want to pig out and eat whatever your heart desires then do it! As for myself, I’m like in the middle-ish between those two lifestyles. I like to eat healthy one minute and the next I’m craving a LARGE McDonald’s fry and a LARGE stuffed crust Pizza Hut pizza with plenty of bacon, of course.

This may all sound strange coming from a seemingly healthy 5’7″ 112lb girl, but for a while now (a few years) I’ve been trying to get to my ideal weight by gaining weight. Whaaat?! You want to gain weight? Yes, that wasn’t a typo! I’ve always struggled with accepting my body type. Being on the thinner side wasn’t necessarily my issue, I just wanted to look lean just with a few more curves, yah know. My body is crazy! I have a super fast metabolism (genetics) so, I can eat a huge breakfast at 11am and be starving again by 2pm. This makes it difficult for me to gain more than about 5lbs. I know this may sound like a fantastic life to some of you, but body image is all a mind game and my mind has always told me “Loryn you’re ok, but you could be a hell of a lot sexier if you weren’t so skinny!”

After years of battling with myself  over hating my body I’ve finally come to the realization that I was just made to be a thin girl and it’s time for me to accept it. Sure, I can please myself by doing what I need to tone my body while still putting on a bit of weight, but right now I’m not that girl with a gorgeous cleavage and super curvy hips.

 Now I’m trying to continue reaching my goal but I don’t want to shove just anything into my mouth. After talking to Kira and hearing about her 21 day Fish and Raw foods (fruits, veggie, smoothies) diet and seeing the results (holy cow she looks amazing) I am motivated enough to try this whole healthy eating thing out.

Motiational pictures and quotes always give me the lift I need

So, staring this morning when I woke up around 10am I declare this week GET FIT WEEK! I just want to try eating a little cleaner (no junk food) while maintaining my physical activity I do each day (Pilates class Tuesday and Thursday, I walk pretty much everywhere because I don’t have a car and I’ve been jogging from time to time to relieve pent up energy/stress) just to see how good I feel at the end of the week, According to Kira and the YouTube videos I’ve been watching it’s a world of a difference!!

I’m not saying I’m going to go all crazy strict on myself and forbid myself a cookie or whatever I may crave, I just want to keep the core of my daily diet clean this week.

Today's breakfast: Toasted bread, Avocado. Over medium eggs, frozen Raspberries and a bottle of water. YUM!

Today’s breakfast: Toasted bread, Avocado. Over medium eggs, frozen Raspberries and a bottle of water. YUM!

I encourage you ladies and gentlemen to try this out with me 🙂  Let me know if you decide to join me, any recipes you find, or how you’re feeling! I’d love to hear about it!!


xox Loryn Ashley


2 thoughts on “LET’S GET FIT!

  1. the hair & the heart says:

    Great post! I think it is so important to acknowledge that women of all shapes and sizes can have image problems. So often you hear that “real women have curves” and I think that’s an awful thing to say. We are all beautiful in our own right and have different bodies – it’s better to focus on your health on the inside and see how that affects the outside. 🙂 x


    • Thank you xx I think a lot of people don’t realize that there’s as much “skinny shaming” as there is “fat shaming”. There is so much pressure from society and the world to look a certain way, but like you said we’re not all made the same way 🙂

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