Back with M O R E

Wow! Its been soooo long! Way too long actually since my last post. For a while I was getting bored with blogging and feeling like I was running out of content, but I guess as long as my heart is beating I have something to post (right?)

So, where I have been? I’ve been busy graduating!! Whaaat?!

IMG_4288 IMG_4387

Yes, I am now a college graduate who holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies (enfaces in Radio/Television). What do I want to do with that… Im not fully sure actually. I have an abundance of interest, s that’s making narrowing it down harder than it should be. I’m really interested in the medical field (a nurse or PRN), higher education (a freshmen counselor most likely) or maybe even something in the broadcast field as a Radio DJ or something. But, really who knows! I’m such a go with the flow kind of person and I just like to go where life takes me.

As for right now I’m at home with my family whom I adore and missed ohh so much! My pup Ebony is such a big girl and I think she’s happy to have her mommy home. (I’d insert a pic here, but I’m being lazy…*check Christmas post ha) I’m currently a waiter at a little restraint here, but that’s almost over just because it is caaa-razy and the food industry is NOT for Loryn I am learning.

None the less, I’m just walking this journey called life and trying to take in and or learn from whatever is thrown at me. Hope you enjoyed this post…leave comments below!


Loryn Ashley


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