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Bacon Wrapped Avocados Drizzeled with Chili Maple Syrup Served With Shredded Potatoes

Hello Hello everyone, here we are again with another food post recipe that I am BEYOND excited to share with you all!! As you read in the long title I choose I made Bacon Wrapped Avocados along with shredded potatoes for breakfast/brunch (whatever you want to call eating at 12pm) and it rocked my freakin world! so, lets just dive into it…

I found this recipe, like most of my others, on pinterest. During the prep I was a little worried about how they would turn out, hoping they wouldn’t be some sort of pinterest fail. BUT, once I finished those babies and cleaned my plate I was more than happy with my discovery and I. Need. More.

Final product, before I destroyed this plate of deliciousness

Final product, before I destroyed this plate of deliciousness

Now, the website I used says “….fries”, which is in fact a cute idea if you’re not like me ad can keep your food looking pretty ha. Leaving the avocados in the oven to keep the bacon coking was burning the run-off syrup, so I decided to improvise a little by taking them out of the oven and throwing them in a pan over medium heat for about 2 minutes or less on each side, crisping up the bacon perfectly!

I paired my avocados with shredded potatoes that are already pre-made, you just throw them in the pan to heat and crisp them up. But, you can pair yours with anything your heart desires, maybe a nice bakery croissant, toast, even pancakes!

Enjoy every bite as you eat and remember to make it with love it’ll taste better.


Loryn Ashley

p.s. Here’s my baby girl




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