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Couscous Avocado Breakfast Bowl

I promise this blog is not solely a good blog, I just love food! I promise the next post will be something other than a recipe! 

After an early 8am start to my Saturday with a doctors appointment, grocery store outing and a brisk jog in this amazing weather Austin is having right now, I pulled up my Pinterest knowing I wanted to make a meal that included avocado and sausage. That’s what I found this beauty-

The recipe I found called for quinoa, but during my trip to our local HEB and a little confusion between Tim and I, we decided Quinoa and Couscous were the same thing (let me know if we were wrong). 

The entire meal only took about 20-25 minutes to prep and cook which is great because I was s t a r v i n g by the time I got in the kitchen. The instructions were easy to follow and of course the ingredients are always interchangeable. I never really follow along exactly to what a recipe calls for, I enjoy mixing and matching and playing around with the ingredients. 

I didn’t have feta cheese, but this mozzarella was a good substitute. 

I pan roasted my tomatoes because raw tomatoes are icky to me, haha.

The breakfast bowl didn’t take too many ingredients, but I did add sausge to the bowl for an extra bit. 

I get this sausage from HEB. It’s the closes thing to organic that I can find at the moment. 

Everything else you need to know is detailed in this link: 
I hope you enjoy it as much as Tim and I did! 




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