Simple, yet Chic

untitled4Hello babes! Happy Wednesday! Also, hooray for my first fashion post! These will definitely become some what of a regular on here. This weekend, Tim and I went to a birthday dinner for a family member of mine at a hip local burger joint we have here in Austin called Hop Doddy. If you’re in the Austin/Round Rock area I highly suggest you stop by there-everything is amazing!! So, I wanted to wear something that was ultra comfortable, per usual, casual but also “hip” (is that even a cool term to use any m ore?! I don’t know)

I choose a soft pink body suit from F21, along with my favorite summer time distressed highwaisted denim shortie shorts from American Eagle, new brown suede booties from F21, and I paired all of this with a crystal chocker that I got from  Rue21 as a set.



I tend to keep my outfits pretty simple 90% of the time, going for a monochrome or minimalist look. I might ass a gold watch, earrings or a ring or two from time to time if I’m feeling jewelry for the day.

This was the perfect attire to eat, drink and be merry with my friends and family. As you can see from my selfie I even added demi whispies lashes by Ardell to my simple go-to make up look, which made me feel oh so flirty! I added soft waves to  my hair as well to add a touch of glam. I hope you enjoyed this post.



Body Suit


Highwaisted shorts


Faux Suede Booties


Crystal Chocker (I could not find this exact chocker online, but they are so popular you can walk into pretty much any store and fine one)


Loryn Ashley



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