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Austin Daze

I have lived in the Austin area my entire life and in all 24 years of it I have not once stopped to take a picture in front of any of the notorious graffiti walls that Austin has all around. Well, this past weekend Tim and I did just that!


Our mission for the day was to stroll along South Congress, also known as SoCo, here to find shops that were looking for models to promote clothing and accessories their boutique offers and lucky for me I found a few that were interested in me! I am so elated and exited to start venturing into a modeling “career”. I put that in quotes because right now it’s starting as a hobby, but my dream is for it to blossom into a career, along with the success of my blog eventually.

Enjoy the few pictures we snapped during our outing.



We stopped by a cute vintage shop we saw while eating at a deli and took some pictures in the clothing- talk about fa-shi-oooon.


I choose to keep mu outfit simple at fitted for the modeling opportunity search, so they could see my physique in its simplest form. Black V-neck top, black skinny leg trousers, brown faux suede booties and my favorite gold watch.




Loryn Ashley




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