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He babes,

Here is another shoot I recently did. The photographer who I shot with was Brian Saunders. He was new to shooting with an individual model, he normally shoots events, so I was kind of his guinea pig and trial shoot. It was nice working with him and I hope you enjoy some of our shoots!

I’m not sure why some of the photos are blurry, I tried to fix it but I’m definitely not a professional. I wondered weather I should leave them  up or not, but I decided why the hell not (haha)



Loryn Ashley


How I get CLEAR and BRIGHT skin

Hey babes!

During my adolescence years my skin was very sensitive and acne prone. I struggled with acne for years and years until I finally got my hands on some Proactive. This trio of products helped my skin a ton in high school. It didn’t completely diminish my acne but it erased quite a bit of it. Now almost 10 years later I can finally say I am happy with my completion; it’s soft, clear (other than the occasional stress and time-of-the-month breakouts) and bright. I even feel comfortable going out in public very with little or even no foundation now lately  and this is all thanks to the day time and night time beauty regime I have put together.

I like to use as many natural products as possible to stay way from nasty chemicals….



Eye makeup removal- I take a cotton pad and put a tiny bit of coco nut oil on my eye lids and dampen the pad with water. I work that in gentle circular motions on my eyes to remove any mascara, eye shadow or anything else in that area to cause the least amount of damage. The coconut oil is also very moisturizing for my eyelashes and brows.



Face makeup removal. I use two cotton pads to remove the rest of the makeup on my face and neck. I  just recently purchased this cleanser and I love it because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed after wearing full face of makeup all day.



Wash. After removing my makeup I like to follow up with a good organic/natural face wash. I just bought this one yesterday based off of the recommendation of

I’ve only tried it  last night, so after a few more weeks I can give a better review, but so far so good. I love that it’s organic with vitamin C and it has a nice refreshing orange scent to it. I only wash my face during my night time routine in order to not over work my skin.



Once my face is fully cleansed I like to spritz it with rosewater for an added glow, morning and night. I even spray this on during the day when I feel I need a bit of a refresher.

Last but not least, STEP 5:


Moisturizer. I finish up my routinize with a bit of coconut oil and this amazing Jason Vitamin E oil and tiny bit of organic coconut oil. I rub this all over my face, lips and neck. I also apply  this combination over my whole body for extra moisturizer before applying my lotion.

I hope you guys got something out of this post to help clear up your skin. And remember coconut oil is everything!!!


Loryn Ashley


Dream Big

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been told “You’re so skinny-you could be a model” or “You’re so pretty-you should really model”. I always kind of blew it off and was like “Noooo, I don’t know if I’m made for that”. As well as the fear of rejection that comes with that industry. But, since I have decided to make a career change from the medical field job that I have no into something more creative, which is way more me, I decided that maybe just maybe I will purse modeling.

Over the last two weeks or so I have found some really great photographers here in the Austin area and I have done 3 shoots so far and I love it. It’s crazy that I’ve waited this long to purse modeling because it’s not only fun, but fulfilling. It gives me the confidence boost I have always needed and that is always an added plus. We’ll see where this goes, hopefully I can take it pretty far and become well known in some way!

Here are a few photos from the shoots I have completed. I have tons more planned and I cannot wait to share them with you all!!

I have created an Instagram and Facebook page specifically for my modeling and the blog you can follow here- IG: @misslorynashley FB: Loryn Hogan

Please follow and support my progress! Any words of encouragement, tips and recommendations are always welcomed and appreciated!



Loryn Ashley