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Couscous Avocado Breakfast Bowl

I promise this blog is not solely a good blog, I just love food! I promise the next post will be something other than a recipe! 

After an early 8am start to my Saturday with a doctors appointment, grocery store outing and a brisk jog in this amazing weather Austin is having right now, I pulled up my Pinterest knowing I wanted to make a meal that included avocado and sausage. That’s what I found this beauty-

The recipe I found called for quinoa, but during my trip to our local HEB and a little confusion between Tim and I, we decided Quinoa and Couscous were the same thing (let me know if we were wrong). 

The entire meal only took about 20-25 minutes to prep and cook which is great because I was s t a r v i n g by the time I got in the kitchen. The instructions were easy to follow and of course the ingredients are always interchangeable. I never really follow along exactly to what a recipe calls for, I enjoy mixing and matching and playing around with the ingredients. 

I didn’t have feta cheese, but this mozzarella was a good substitute. 

I pan roasted my tomatoes because raw tomatoes are icky to me, haha.

The breakfast bowl didn’t take too many ingredients, but I did add sausge to the bowl for an extra bit. 

I get this sausage from HEB. It’s the closes thing to organic that I can find at the moment. 

Everything else you need to know is detailed in this link: 
I hope you enjoy it as much as Tim and I did! 



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Quick Organic Breakfast 

I’m not going to say it, I’m NOT going to say it….. 

….Ok, I am!! I’ve been away for way too long! And it’s out of my system.

But seriously, I have! Honestly, I’ve thought about posting more content time and time again, but I have sadly been too lazy to open up a laptop or even post from my iPhone (as I’m doing now). But here I am; excited, pumped and ready to bring you more! I have a whole new (well, kind of new) outlook on life and this is where I plan to share it all. 

My wonderful boyfriend, Timothy, and I have been on a journey to happiness and a healthier lifestyle the last few weeks and since we’ve started we feel better than ever. 

Ever heard of that saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? I believe in that whole heartedly. I believe that starting your day strong is the motivating key to staying strong throughout the rest of the day. 
My meal of choice this morning was 7 Grain Waffles topped with Strawberries and Mapple Syrup paired with Natural Sausage and Avocados (because I love avocados) 

There in he back, Tim chose (by chose I mean forced because their were only two waffles left and out of the kindness of his heart and his love for oatmeal I won the waffles) to have Blueberry Chai Seed Oatmeal topped with Peanutbutter Granola, along with Toast, Natural Sausage and Avocado as well. 

Both dishes have super easy prep and provide you with the nutrients to get your day going. 

 The most work I did was follow the instructions listed in the package of oatmeal to prepare it, add in a dash of butter, maple syrup and unrefined and pure coconut sugar (I’ll go into the choice of organic/natural staple ingredients in a later post). Throw your sausage in the pan to cook with a little coconut oil, pop your waffles into the toaster, dice fruit and avocados and that’s it. 

An easy and quick delicious breakfast! Let me know if you give it a try. Everything can be swapped out for you favorite ingredients of choice, of course. Play around with different foods and just have fun. 



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Kale Chips!!

So, if you couldn’t guess from the title we’re making KALE CHIPS. When I first heard about Kale, I was like what?!?! What is all of this fuss over some random vegetable? But, now that I have whipped up my own batch of Kale Chips, I see what everyone is chatting about. Because they were so good, enfaces on good.

I found this recipe some where other from Pinterest for a change-Youtube! I recently came across Ayesha Curry who is Stephen Curry, the famous basketball player’s wife, Ayesha has her own food and lifestyle blog (I guess these are pretty popular hehe) called Little Lights of Mine, which she also has a Youtube page for. Her recipes and videos are simple, family oriented, and fun, which I love!

Her Kale chip recipe is easy to follow and works out perfectly.

Here are the simple steps that I took

I didn't have the seasoning mix that she had, so I improvised with Lawrys Seasoned Salt and a separate onion powder.

I didn’t have the seasoning mix that she had, so I improvised with Lawrys Seasoned Salt and a separate onion powder.

Washed, Dried, Chopped and Seasoned

Washed, Dried, Chopped and Seasoned

Straight out of the oven, after 15 minutes

Straight out of the oven, after 15 minutes

Looking at my pictures I didn’t get an after the oven pic, but the kale is nice and crunchy. I’d say don’t leave them in there any longer than about 17 minutes or they will start burning.

But, that’s it! As simple as following her what like four step process. There are also plenty of other ways you can jazz up your kale, get creative with your favorite spices in your cabinet.


Loryn Ashley

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Bacon Wrapped Avocados Drizzeled with Chili Maple Syrup Served With Shredded Potatoes

Hello Hello everyone, here we are again with another food post recipe that I am BEYOND excited to share with you all!! As you read in the long title I choose I made Bacon Wrapped Avocados along with shredded potatoes for breakfast/brunch (whatever you want to call eating at 12pm) and it rocked my freakin world! so, lets just dive into it…

I found this recipe, like most of my others, on pinterest. During the prep I was a little worried about how they would turn out, hoping they wouldn’t be some sort of pinterest fail. BUT, once I finished those babies and cleaned my plate I was more than happy with my discovery and I. Need. More.

Final product, before I destroyed this plate of deliciousness

Final product, before I destroyed this plate of deliciousness

Now, the website I used says “….fries”, which is in fact a cute idea if you’re not like me ad can keep your food looking pretty ha. Leaving the avocados in the oven to keep the bacon coking was burning the run-off syrup, so I decided to improvise a little by taking them out of the oven and throwing them in a pan over medium heat for about 2 minutes or less on each side, crisping up the bacon perfectly!

I paired my avocados with shredded potatoes that are already pre-made, you just throw them in the pan to heat and crisp them up. But, you can pair yours with anything your heart desires, maybe a nice bakery croissant, toast, even pancakes!

Enjoy every bite as you eat and remember to make it with love it’ll taste better.


Loryn Ashley

p.s. Here’s my baby girl



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The lonesome eater…

I try to cook about 2 or 3 times a week, just so I don’t die from starvation and to relieve some stress (I stress out pretty easily, being in the kitchen makes a lot of that diminish *poof be gone*) So, tonight I decided to make Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella and Basil Stuffed Chicken (yeah, that’s the name that was on Pinterest. So fancy) along with cheesy rice and roasted asparagus. I’m a messy chef and I’m all over the kitchen when I cook, I’m hoping one day I’ll be smooth and graceful with it all. But, I say that to say that I forgot to take a picture of the rice I used, so I’ll steal one from Google 😉

On to the cooking!!

I was really excited to get this meal all together. I roasted my own peppers since I couldn’t find them jarred in the store (I like to cook with as much fresh stuff as possible any way, I was just being lazy)

I was pretty damn proud of my peppers. Don't they look AAAMAZING?!

I was pretty damn proud of my peppers. Don’t like look AAAMAZING?!

After the peppers were all nice and wrinkly and charred, I prepped the chicken. I don’t really care for (at all) chicken breast, which is what the recipe called for, so I just laid my thighs (chicken thighs, not mine silly haha I’m a goof) out in my pan and stacked the basil, mozzarella and peppers on one side and folded that over.

Just a tip* if you’re going to use thighs as I did it will help to keep them folded over if you insert a tooth pick into them. I don’t have any and one of my pieces fell open *waah waaah*

The rice and asparagus are easy peasy! Throw the rice in a pan with some butter. Sautee it. Throw in some water. Boil it. Simmer for about 12 minuets Add cheese. Be merry and fall in love with cheesy rice as much as I have.

I do have to admit that once everything was done and plated I got kind of sad knowing that I was eating it alone in my room watching Parks and Rec on Netflix… Tonight was just one of those nights where I needed some company and someone to enjoy the meal with. BUT, that’s neither here nor there and I’ll be ok. I’m going to end my night letting John Mayer play through my speaker to soothe me 🙂

I hope you like it as much as I did and if you ever actually try out any of the recipes that I post I’d love to hear (read) what you thought about them or if you tweaked it in any way!

Peace out doggies!!!!

xox Loryn Ashley

PS- here’s a pic of me from earlier today at

work not working (I was taking a break from

all of the craziness of the kiddos)


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Merry Christmas Eve Y’all!!

1. I know Christmas has been over for about a week, but I’m late with this. Plus, I’m still in the spirit.

2. Being a Texan I think it’s both extremely cliché yet extremely cute when people say “y’all” (guilty as charge)

(Ok Loryn, segue into the actual post some how….dammit, I don’t know how!!) Things in parentheses are my inner thoughts that I can’t help by share with you all.

My Christmas Eve consisted of me waking up to head into the madness with the other last minute shoppers. We need to return some gifts and buy other gifts, as well as we need some more ingredients for the Mexican themed dinner we were hosting for our family that night. I got home and for some reason I went into a X-mas funk. Bleeeeh… I decided to bake some cookies for one of my gift baskets (mentioned in previous post) and some for the dinner.

Anyway 🙂 Of course I had to get in the kitchen and whip up a couple things. So, Chef Loryn made

(I had plenty of those Margz and the following post will let you know how that turned out)

Chef Momma Brown made her signature (at least they’re signature to me) Margaritas. I don’t have the recipe for that (ugggggh, fail girl) But, instead of using margarita salt or sugar on the rim I lined it with some Tajin Chile Powder. Wow oh wow, it was gooooood!

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Ooooo, my taste buds!

Captions are really hard to think of!


Any who, I have had about 8 different post to put up on here over the past two weeks. But, honestly I’ve been enjoying doing nothing & that includes not getting on the computer. If I can’t do it from my cell, it won’t get down for a while when I’m on vacation. Ha.

This particular night was a few days before Christmas and my momma and I were swamped with wrapping gifts and making gift baskets. (FUN…no really, I love doing stuff like that) So, a meal that should have taken me maybe 20 minutes to prep took me about an hour. “Hello, lady! I’m trying to make you dinner here!”

Ok, so of course I found this recipe on Pinterest. I followed the original recipe, tasted it and it just tasted like Shrimp Scampi with a teeny tiny sprinkling of seasoning on it. YAWN! So, I took it upon myself to jazz it up.

Here are the spices I ended up using…Oh baby. they added just the punch I was looking for too! But, be careful because I got a bit heavy-handed (actually, crazy heavy-handed) with the Creole Seasoning and those little shrimpies set my mouth on fi-yah!! I just threw them on top of some noodles, letting the butter sauce ooze over it (Is ooze a nasty word? Actually, yes it is. Disgusting, but my mind can’t think of another one so OOOOOOOZE it is. Kay!?)

Here’s the recipe ITALIAN SHRIMP BAKE, ENJOY!!