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Merry Christmas Eve Y’all!!

1. I know Christmas has been over for about a week, but I’m late with this. Plus, I’m still in the spirit.

2. Being a Texan I think it’s both extremely cliché yet extremely cute when people say “y’all” (guilty as charge)

(Ok Loryn, segue into the actual post some how….dammit, I don’t know how!!) Things in parentheses are my inner thoughts that I can’t help by share with you all.

My Christmas Eve consisted of me waking up to head into the madness with the other last minute shoppers. We need to return some gifts and buy other gifts, as well as we need some more ingredients for the Mexican themed dinner we were hosting for our family that night. I got home and for some reason I went into a X-mas funk. Bleeeeh… I decided to bake some cookies for one of my gift baskets (mentioned in previous post) and some for the dinner.

Anyway 🙂 Of course I had to get in the kitchen and whip up a couple things. So, Chef Loryn made

(I had plenty of those Margz and the following post will let you know how that turned out)

Chef Momma Brown made her signature (at least they’re signature to me) Margaritas. I don’t have the recipe for that (ugggggh, fail girl) But, instead of using margarita salt or sugar on the rim I lined it with some Tajin Chile Powder. Wow oh wow, it was gooooood!