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With the small (but amazing) progression of my modeling and starting a new job at a cool trendy local Austin boutique, Luxe Apothetique, recently I have sadly been slacking on posting to my blog. But, I’m writing this post today to share a new attribute I’d like to introduce! VLOGS!!! 

Tim and I, mostly me if we’re being honest lol, have started a YouTube channel-Loryn Ashley and on this channel I am posting vlogs about the little “adventures” Tim and I go through on a daily basis. 


I’ve been filming and uploading pretty regularly and I’ll be he firsts to say, it’s a LOT of fun! 

Please take a look for yourself and view, like and or subscribe! 


Loryn Ashley 

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Austin Daze

I have lived in the Austin area my entire life and in all 24 years of it I have not once stopped to take a picture in front of any of the notorious graffiti walls that Austin has all around. Well, this past weekend Tim and I did just that!


Our mission for the day was to stroll along South Congress, also known as SoCo, here to find shops that were looking for models to promote clothing and accessories their boutique offers and lucky for me I found a few that were interested in me! I am so elated and exited to start venturing into a modeling “career”. I put that in quotes because right now it’s starting as a hobby, but my dream is for it to blossom into a career, along with the success of my blog eventually.

Enjoy the few pictures we snapped during our outing.



We stopped by a cute vintage shop we saw while eating at a deli and took some pictures in the clothing- talk about fa-shi-oooon.


I choose to keep mu outfit simple at fitted for the modeling opportunity search, so they could see my physique in its simplest form. Black V-neck top, black skinny leg trousers, brown faux suede booties and my favorite gold watch.




Loryn Ashley



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My Top 10 USes for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil! 

It’s more than the latest trend in health and beauty at the moment-it’s a complete lifestyle change! I have been adding coconut oil to my health and beauty regime for a few years now and in the most recent months I have truly seen the benefits of using it, making me a huge fan of it.

When looking for a coconut oil to purchase look for brands that are cold pressed and organic. By purchasing this particular type of coconut oil  you are getting the most natural form of the oil, making it the most beneficial. There are SO many options to browse through and luckily coconut oil comes in large supplies lasting you for a few months at a time. 

Now onto the good stuff! Below is a list of my top 10 uses for coconut oil: 

  1. Face moisturizer- I would like to thank Tim for introducing me to applying coconut oil as a moisturizer! Over the last few months I have seen a major change in the softness and overall clarity of my skin thanks to the magic of coconut oil (how many times can I say coconut oil in one post?!) I simply wash my face as I normally would removing all of the makeup and dirt from the day (morning and night) and then apply a very tiny amount of coconut oil to my cleansed skin. A little of this goes a very long way! Lately, I have been adding a small drop of this vitamin E oil to the coconut oil for added moisture. 
  2. Heal cuts- I recently found out about this one. Coconut oil has natural healing abilities and is great for applying to small cuts. 
  3. Body moisturizer- tonight, skip the lotion and slather on some coconutpil (and vitamin E oil). As with your face, coconut and vitamin E oil are amazing at softening your skin and diminishing any discoloration. They also add an extra glow to your skin as well, which is always nice. 
  4. Makeup remover- want to remove that stubborn eyeshadow and mascara without ripping your lashes out?! Then put down the makeup wipes and pick up your coconut oil! I keep a small container of coconut oil in the bathroom from convince. For this task, I apply the coconut oil directly to my eyelids (be very careful to avoid actually getting it in your eye) and with a semi wet cotton pad I rub the oil in circular motions until all of my eye makeup is removed. This is a very gentle way to remove stubborn eye makeup and also moisturize your eyelashes all in one! 
  5. Hair mask-after washing your, hair for a natural and highly benidicial mask use a good amount of coconut oil as a deep conditioner. I leave it on for about 30 minutes or so, wash and blowdry and style as usual. This will leave your hair so soft and shiny- thank me later. 
  6. Lip balm- It’s simple, apply a very small portion of coconut oil to your lips for moisture and shine. 
  7. Lip scrub- whenever my lips feel really dry I like to mix a little bit of coconut oil and sugar in a bowl and then apply to clean lips in a circular motion. This helps to remove the dead skin from your lip, leaving them so soft! 
  8. Of course COOKING- substituting butter for coconut oil is always a great option. Any time I sautée or bake something in the oven I reach for either my organic coconut oil or my coconut oil cooking spray as a healthier option. 
  9. Hair oil- my hair tends to be a bit on the dry side 90% of the time from all of the heat and chemicals I apply to it on a regular basis (I’m trying to get better-I promise). So, to add back some shine l, softness and moisture I like to apply a small portion of coconut oil or coconut oil based products to it daily. 
  10. Last but not least, oil pulling- now this one I must admit is something I  still learning about and trying to get used to. There are plenty of blogs and websites that go into full detail about the benefits of oil pulling, but I’ll try to give my best interpretation of it here. All I do I place a spoonful of coconut oil into my mouth, chew it until it liquifies and I keep that in my mouth for about 10 minutes. It will feel a bit off your first few times trying this, but make sure to find a simple task to do while you are swishing the oil between your teeth to aid as a distraction. Oil pulling is literally pulling the toxins from your body so be sure NOT to swollen any of the oil. After about 10-20 minutes, spit the oil into your trash can, not your sink, and brush your teeth as your normally would. 

I’m sure they are so many other benefits of coconut oil and if you have any tricks of your own I’d love to know about them. 




Back with M O R E

Wow! Its been soooo long! Way too long actually since my last post. For a while I was getting bored with blogging and feeling like I was running out of content, but I guess as long as my heart is beating I have something to post (right?)

So, where I have been? I’ve been busy graduating!! Whaaat?!

IMG_4288 IMG_4387

Yes, I am now a college graduate who holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies (enfaces in Radio/Television). What do I want to do with that… Im not fully sure actually. I have an abundance of interest, s that’s making narrowing it down harder than it should be. I’m really interested in the medical field (a nurse or PRN), higher education (a freshmen counselor most likely) or maybe even something in the broadcast field as a Radio DJ or something. But, really who knows! I’m such a go with the flow kind of person and I just like to go where life takes me.

As for right now I’m at home with my family whom I adore and missed ohh so much! My pup Ebony is such a big girl and I think she’s happy to have her mommy home. (I’d insert a pic here, but I’m being lazy…*check Christmas post ha) I’m currently a waiter at a little restraint here, but that’s almost over just because it is caaa-razy and the food industry is NOT for Loryn I am learning.

None the less, I’m just walking this journey called life and trying to take in and or learn from whatever is thrown at me. Hope you enjoyed this post…leave comments below!


Loryn Ashley