Toooodaaaay, I Loryn Ashley Hogan, would like to present you the best damn ombre lip you’ve ever seen!! Oh boy am I one for being dramatic haha But, no really I did an Ombre lippie on my sister a few weeks ago and I was pretty proud of it.

I promise this picture doesn’t do justice to how pretty it came out!

I used Revlon Black Cherry 477 as the outline, because I didn’t have a dark lip liner on had. With this color I lined her lips as you would with any liner. Next, I filled in the corners of her lips in a little further with the same color. Then comes the red color to make it all pop! I used Revlon Matte Really Red 006 to fill in the inner portion of her lip. After perfecting the dark to red ratio I went over the outer dark line with the Black Cherry once more.

Ordered from Amazon (I love that place so so much)

Ordered from Amazon (I love that place so so much)

Then, I used my Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette Concealer set in the color closes to her skin tone to clean up any of the color I may have gotten on the skin around her lips. And TAA DAA! The pic above is what we were left with 🙂 I really wish I had a better camera (other than my shitty Android camera) to take my pictures, just so you could see the true beauty of the final product…

Any how! I hope this helps any of you ladies looking to add some pizzazz to your red lips.

xo Loryn Ashley