Sporty Girl

He babes,

Here is another shoot I recently did. The photographer who I shot with was Brian Saunders. He was new to shooting with an individual model, he normally shoots events, so I was kind of his guinea pig and trial shoot. It was nice working with him and I hope you enjoy some of our shoots!

I’m not sure why some of the photos are blurry, I tried to fix it but I’m definitely not a professional. I wondered weather I should leave them  up or not, but I decided why the hell not (haha)



Loryn Ashley


Dream Big

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been told “You’re so skinny-you could be a model” or “You’re so pretty-you should really model”. I always kind of blew it off and was like “Noooo, I don’t know if I’m made for that”. As well as the fear of rejection that comes with that industry. But, since I have decided to make a career change from the medical field job that I have no into something more creative, which is way more me, I decided that maybe just maybe I will purse modeling.

Over the last two weeks or so I have found some really great photographers here in the Austin area and I have done 3 shoots so far and I love it. It’s crazy that I’ve waited this long to purse modeling because it’s not only fun, but fulfilling. It gives me the confidence boost I have always needed and that is always an added plus. We’ll see where this goes, hopefully I can take it pretty far and become well known in some way!

Here are a few photos from the shoots I have completed. I have tons more planned and I cannot wait to share them with you all!!

I have created an Instagram and Facebook page specifically for my modeling and the blog you can follow here- IG: @misslorynashley FB: Loryn Hogan

Please follow and support my progress! Any words of encouragement, tips and recommendations are always welcomed and appreciated!



Loryn Ashley