How I get CLEAR and BRIGHT skin

Hey babes!

During my adolescence years my skin was very sensitive and acne prone. I struggled with acne for years and years until I finally got my hands on some Proactive. This trio of products helped my skin a ton in high school. It didn’t completely diminish my acne but it erased quite a bit of it. Now almost 10 years later I can finally say I am happy with my completion; it’s soft, clear (other than the occasional stress and time-of-the-month breakouts) and bright. I even feel comfortable going out in public very with little or even no foundation now lately  and this is all thanks to the day time and night time beauty regime I have put together.

I like to use as many natural products as possible to stay way from nasty chemicals….



Eye makeup removal- I take a cotton pad and put a tiny bit of coco nut oil on my eye lids and dampen the pad with water. I work that in gentle circular motions on my eyes to remove any mascara, eye shadow or anything else in that area to cause the least amount of damage. The coconut oil is also very moisturizing for my eyelashes and brows.



Face makeup removal. I use two cotton pads to remove the rest of the makeup on my face and neck. I  just recently purchased this cleanser and I love it because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed after wearing full face of makeup all day.



Wash. After removing my makeup I like to follow up with a good organic/natural face wash. I just bought this one yesterday based off of the recommendation of

I’ve only tried it  last night, so after a few more weeks I can give a better review, but so far so good. I love that it’s organic with vitamin C and it has a nice refreshing orange scent to it. I only wash my face during my night time routine in order to not over work my skin.



Once my face is fully cleansed I like to spritz it with rosewater for an added glow, morning and night. I even spray this on during the day when I feel I need a bit of a refresher.

Last but not least, STEP 5:


Moisturizer. I finish up my routinize with a bit of coconut oil and this amazing Jason Vitamin E oil and tiny bit of organic coconut oil. I rub this all over my face, lips and neck. I also apply  this combination over my whole body for extra moisturizer before applying my lotion.

I hope you guys got something out of this post to help clear up your skin. And remember coconut oil is everything!!!


Loryn Ashley

food recipes

Kale Chips!!

So, if you couldn’t guess from the title we’re making KALE CHIPS. When I first heard about Kale, I was like what?!?! What is all of this fuss over some random vegetable? But, now that I have whipped up my own batch of Kale Chips, I see what everyone is chatting about. Because they were so good, enfaces on good.

I found this recipe some where other from Pinterest for a change-Youtube! I recently came across Ayesha Curry who is Stephen Curry, the famous basketball player’s wife, Ayesha has her own food and lifestyle blog (I guess these are pretty popular hehe) called Little Lights of Mine, which she also has a Youtube page for. Her recipes and videos are simple, family oriented, and fun, which I love!

Her Kale chip recipe is easy to follow and works out perfectly.

Here are the simple steps that I took

I didn't have the seasoning mix that she had, so I improvised with Lawrys Seasoned Salt and a separate onion powder.

I didn’t have the seasoning mix that she had, so I improvised with Lawrys Seasoned Salt and a separate onion powder.

Washed, Dried, Chopped and Seasoned

Washed, Dried, Chopped and Seasoned

Straight out of the oven, after 15 minutes

Straight out of the oven, after 15 minutes

Looking at my pictures I didn’t get an after the oven pic, but the kale is nice and crunchy. I’d say don’t leave them in there any longer than about 17 minutes or they will start burning.

But, that’s it! As simple as following her what like four step process. There are also plenty of other ways you can jazz up your kale, get creative with your favorite spices in your cabinet.


Loryn Ashley